The Cravin-A-Cup Team

Cravin-A-Cup is a locally owned office, janitorial, bottled water and coffee supply business serving eastern North Carolina.


For the last 20+ years, we have been supplying businesses to include law firms, car dealerships, dentist offices, doctor offices and more. We define our success by continually striving for and achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible


Our competition consists of many large office supply companies, but we believe that bigger is not always better and strive to stand out from the competition with very competitive pricing and excellent service.

We offer the unique advantage of being a one stop-shop for all of your full-line office supplies, janitorial supplies, 5 gallon bottled water and coffee service needs, reducing four vendors into one. Our product offering includes over 30,000 items, most of which you receive next day, with no delivery fees or minimums. We can easily personalize to your needs with no order being too big or too small. Ordering is easy, whether by Phone, E-mail or Online.

In the New Bern area? Stop by our cozy coffee shop and say hello! Specializing in satisfaction, we will be happy to serve you a great cup of coffee and an absolutely free smile.


Want to learn more about our staff? Meet our team members below. We look forward to working with you!



The Clowns of Cravin-A-Cup!

Greg Holt


Coffee Expert


Founder and heart of the company, Greg is Cravin-A-Cup's own hard-headed entrepreneur who's too smart for his own good. Greg strives to provide local businesses with high quality office products and gourmet coffees at outrageously affordable prices and did just that. If your trying to reach Greg, just look for the nearest place that sells ham biscuits.

Phone: 252-635-4913


Lizbeth Holt

Owner/Coffee Expert

Singer Extraordinaire


Born in Balamban, Cebu, Philippines, Lizbeth was always stealing the stage and dazzling audiences with her amazing voice. Appearing in barrio festivals at the age of four, she found her true passion was singing. In 2006, Lizbeth relocated to the United States and began singing in competitions all over the country. She started Cravin-A-Cup along side her husband, Greg, and has never looked back.


In her spare time she loves to fish. Her other hobby is eating the fish.


Stop in Cravin-A-Cup for your chance to hear the talented Lizbeth sing while she serves you a hot cup of coffee and a smile.


Phone: 252-635-4913


Booking Website:

Tom Livingston "Da Man"

Delivery Man Extraordinaire

General Operations Manager



Tom's been working with Greg and Lizbeth well before Cravin-A-Cup ever started. The business relies on Tom to handle all of our equipment issues, both in coffee equipment and our delivery vehicles. Annoyingly, he was sneaking around and married Lizbeth's sister in secret. Unfortunately, we couldn't fire him if we wanted to.

Matt Maher "Da Boy"/"Da Mess"

Delivery Man Extraordinaire


Although a little slow, Cravin-A-Cup hired Matt as a second delivery man to help expand the business. Matt handles all of our "Primo" water deliveries, as well as our office cleaning projects. Even though he may not appear to know how to clean, he does a top quality job. When he's not on delivery runs or cleaning projects, he spends his time playing bass. Thankfully that time is spent far away from here.


Glenn Chuffo "Scrapper"

Delivery Man Extraordinaire


The latest edition to Cravin-A-Cup's delivery team, Glenn helps expand the business even further. A very polite young man, you're sure to find him helpful if you have any questions or concerns with your delivery. In his spare time, he collects and sells scrap metal. If you see him in your office touching equipment or looking at your type-writer with lust in his eyes, don't worry - he's just trying to evaluate how much he can get out of scrapping it.

Pracilla "Security System"



Pracilla is our lead security expert. If you come by, you can see her pretending to sleep on the couch - but don't be fooled - she is fully aware of every movement at all times.

Where to Find Us:


2021 US Highway 17 N
New Bern, North Carolina 28560

Phone: 252-635-4913

Fax: 252-635-1236


Toll-Free Phone:


Toll-Free Fax:


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday:

8:00 am - 7:00 pm


8:00am - 7:00 pm

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